Data Privacy in Testing: GenRocket’s Synthetic Data Generation Platform

Financial institutions should avoid the temptation of using actual or pseudo-production data when testing applications.

Boston, June 10, 2021 The challenge and effort of replicating real-world test data have found application development groups loading production data into test environments. Not only does this go against security best practices, but it also has resulted in exposing test credentials and sensitive information. The introduction of agile and shift-left application development has dramatically shortened the time application developers have to create test data, causing some to take shortcuts. Testing applications in cloud environments can also make for a perfect vulnerability storm.

This Impact Brief looks at a mature vendor in the synthetic data generation market, GenRocket, and how one large financial institution has dramatically improved the security of its application testing process by using synthetic test data. Using GenRocket’s synthetic data platform, this FI addressed several data privacy concerns raised by its information security department.

Clients of Aite Group’s Cybersecurity service can download this 13-page Impact Brief. To learn more about the topic covered in this Impact Brief, please contact us at [email protected].

This report mentions Accenture, Amazon, Capgemini, Cognizant, Facteus, Federal Trade Commission, Harvard University, International Organization for Standardization, NACHA, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Salesforce, SWIFT, and Redgate.

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