CarePayment: Patient Financing and Payments

CarePayment provides patients with flexible and affordable options for paying medical bills.

Boston, January 8, 2019 – As patients’ out-of-pocket payment responsibility grows and collecting on those patient receivables becomes a palpable concern for healthcare providers, CarePayment allows providers to collect payment by offering patients flexible, nondiscriminatory financing and repayment options. Beyond facilitating patient payments, CarePayment aims to improve patient satisfaction and loyalty to the healthcare provider by alleviating the frustration surrounding medical bills.

Designed to provide frequent, concise, and actionable insights on emerging vendors and service providers, the newly launched Impact Profile is a complement to Aite Group’s comprehensive vendor review reports. To learn more about the topic covered in this Impact Profile, please contact us at [email protected].

Clients of Aite Group’s Health Insurance service can download this 11-page Impact Profile.

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