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Insurance Core System Replacements Require Proofs of Concept and Vendor Analysis Up Front, Says Aite-Novarica Group


Insurance Core System Replacements Require Proofs of Concept and Vendor Analysis Up Front, Says Aite-Novarica Group

New report provides CIO best practices for the most complicated endeavors executives will ever lead. 

Implementing a policy administration system (PAS) is arguably the most complex technology project that insurers can execute. Since core systems are replaced infrequently, with many carriers only pursuing initiatives once in a generation, successful execution requires careful planning and effective partnerships. In a new Impact Report, PAS Lessons Learned: Implementation Best Practices, research and advisory firm Aite-Novarica Group provides insight into what best practices carriers need to proactively pursue when considering, executing, course-correcting, completing, or terminating PAS projects coordinated with PAS vendors, integration partners, system implementation resources, actuarial consultants, external testers, and any non-employee staff working on the endeavor. 

“PAS implementations are among the most complex projects any insurer will ever undertake,” said John Keddy, Senior Principal at Aite-Novarica Group. “Embarking on these projects with a sense of pragmatism and reality will help as new risks are encountered and operational plans are refined to drive initiatives through an array of evolving issues.” 

preview of the report is available online, and desk copies are available to qualified media. Please contact [email protected] or call Kaitlyn Labbe at +1.857.327.9442 for more information.

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