How Regulatory Intelligence Lets You See Around Corners


Regulatory intelligence involves monitoring, accumulating, and analyzing secondary research to anticipate developments in global legal and regulatory decisions and direction. Some might say it’s a pretty dry subject. But wait—don’t think of it as a stuffy topic only spoken of in boardrooms. Think of it instead as the superpower of seeing around corners.

What if you were the prognosticator of statutory change for your organization by your powers of deduction and reason? What if you could guide your company toward increased efficiencies, mitigate unforeseen risks, and eliminate costly regulatory mistakes? You would indeed be viewed as a superhero.

Regulatory Intelligence

Are You a Regulatory Superhero?

BIS tracks approximately 220 financial regulatory authorities and supervisory agencies worldwide. These agencies publish dozens of rules, articles, regulations, and legislation, easily reaching the thousands. Now toss in myriad changes, updates, redactions, etc. and the amount of regulatory change is mind-boggling.

Only someone with superhuman powers could hope to track and decipher the changes that may have a material effect on their organization. You could be that person if you had the power to see around regulatory corners.

Where Do You Get Your Cape?

Automating regulatory intelligence has been evolving over the past decade. According to Aite-Novarica Group’s Head of Risk Insights & Advisory, Julie Conroy, “The explosion of regulation in the wake of the 2008 Great Recession was a catalyzing factor.” Financial institutions quickly recognized that spreadsheets were a poor choice for tracking the flurry of regulatory changes occurring post-recession.

The quest to find a better mousetrap for managing compliance gave birth to the regulatory intelligence market. This market is now well-established, generating hundreds of millions of dollars annually. The cape of today’s regulatory superhero is woven of one of the dozens of regulatory intelligence platforms that serve today’s complex compliance horizon.

Armed with a regulatory intelligence platform, you can digest statutory information like no other by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. The outcome is a significantly reduced margin of error and reduced legal and regulatory exposures. Information previously strewn among disparate spreadsheets is now stringently tracked, monitored, and analyzed. The noise of hundreds of non-applicable regulatory changes fades away, surfacing only the critical actionable data needed to make informed decisions.

Final Word

To become a regulatory intelligence superhero, you need a superpower; this superpower is a regulatory intelligence platform. No financial institution of any magnitude can effectively operate without one. To find out which regulatory intelligence cape is best, Aite-Novarica Group looked at products from Capnovum, Corlytics, CUBE, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, PwC, RegEd, RequirementONE, Thomson Reuters, VIXIO, and Wolters Kluwer. There is a solution to fit any organization and compliance requirement.

To learn about the solutions that can help your organization navigate the complex regulatory horizon, check out Aite-Novarica Group’s report, Regulatory Intelligence Market Overview: A Must-Have for Complex Regulatory Compliance Obligations.