The Time Is Now: An Advisory Practice Designed Specifically for FS CIOs/CTOs


The Time Is NowOf all the things that have changed over the last several years, one of the most dramatic is how quickly IT executives need to make difficult and complex decisions. From increased digitalization, to rampant cybercrime, to ever-changing data regulations, C-suite IT executives at financial institutions have more to contend with than ever.

This creates a challenging environment for many IT executives in financial services, who often can’t request information or take advice from traditional sources that are unable to frame the information in a meaningful way. CIOs and CTOs need a trusted, confidential resource who knows as much about their business challenges as they do.

To address this gap, we are proud to announce the launch of Aite-Novarica Group’s new Financial Services CIO/CTO Advisory practice. To introduce the new practice, we offer two levels of membership: full access and limited, complimentary Research Council participation for select senior executives.

What the Practice Does

The Financial Services CIO/CTO Advisory practice is specifically engineered to help C-suite IT executives in banks, payment providers, and securities and investments firms stay informed on key trends, the latest research, and what their industry peers are experiencing. We help executives know where and how to invest to gain the most business impact and inform their thinking with the best data and insights framed within the relevant industry and regulatory context.

While many organizations engage consultants for specific projects, that type of service isn’t designed to help with the multiple day-to-day decisions executives need to handle. They’re also not designed to keep executives up to date about market and technology trends. At the same time, while traditional technology advisory services may offer on-demand access to expertise and market trends, most are designed to cover a broad range of businesses and industries.

Financial services businesses have specific needs and constraints, so general advice may not apply. Sifting through general information to determine what applies to your business takes time IT executives don’t have.

How Does the Practice Work?

Our new practice focuses exclusively on the most pressing challenges IT executives in banks, payments providers, and securities and investments firms face today. We frame technology decisions and imperatives within the relevant context for your business. Our experts are available for on-demand, direct consultations to help CIOs and CTOs stay informed and make better ongoing decisions about technology strategy.

Whether your team is modernizing legacy IT platforms or integrating open banking principles into your technology ecosystem, Aite-Novarica Group can offer insights backed by data to inform your work. This data, in combination with our team’s background and experience serving in similar C-level roles, brings best practices and benchmarks into your efforts and helps you apply them in the specific context of your business. Our expert advice is customized for your leadership team, not just offered as general knowledge.

While our existing practices cover similar technology areas, the CIO/CTO Advisory practice focuses specifically on C-level executives leading their organizations’ technology functions, not the line managers or vendors serving those line managers.

In addition to our team of experts and our library of executive research, the CIO/CTO Advisory practice is building a community of peer IT executives who can share their experiences to achieve better results across the board. This select group, called the Financial Services CIO/CTO Advisory Research Council, helps shape our dedicated research agenda and the topics covered at executive networking forums we host for practice members.

How Can Executives Get Involved?

Two levels of access are available. One is a full practice subscription that allows access to advisors, research, data, and all of the practice’s C-level networking events. For those who want to try out the service, we offer free access to our Research Council for qualified executives.

Research Council members receive a subset of the new research we deliver to executives who are full members of the CIO/CTO Advisory practice and can participate in some community activities. Membership in the Research Council is confidential, and participation in any survey or meeting is completely optional.

Ready to learn more and see what membership is like? Email me to reserve your seat on our Research Council and explore how Aite-Novarica Group’s new practice can help you and your senior direct reports make better decisions about technology practices and investments to drive greater business impact.

Join the conversation on May 24 at our next FS CIO/CTO Advisory Research Council meeting. We hope to see you there!