Join Us in October for Datos Insights’s Fifth Annual Innovation in Cash Management & Payments Forum


Join Us in October for Aite-Novarica Group's Fifth Annual Innovation in Cash Management & Payments ForumAite-Novarica Group’s Commercial Banking & Payments team is excited to once again meet in person on October 19th in New York City for the fifth annual Innovation in Cash Management & Payments Forum.

Banks and businesses have undergone significant changes since the last time we were able to hold this event in person. As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and new technologies, businesses have automated and simplified payment processes. Many new vendors have also entered the market and are increasingly partnering with businesses to meet clients’ needs in payment systems and cash management.

The landscape is shifting, and financial institutions are under pressure to meet new demands with value-add cash management, payment, and open banking services through APIs. Staying on top of the rapidly changing financial sector is a challenge for even the most successful banks.

Attending Aite-Novarica Group’s Innovation in Cash Management & Payments forum will provide a welcome overview of the changes already underway and will help participants prepare for transformations just around the corner. Interactive panels will discuss some of the following key topics:

  • Transformations in Payments. Legacy payment types are quickly becoming outdated. New payment types are rapidly transforming the payments landscape, along with new technology that has led to automation across banks of all sizes. User experience is at the forefront of new payment types, especially removing pain points from end users’ payment integrations. Join representatives from Synovus, Bottomline Technologies, and TD Bank to discuss recent trends in payments, use cases, and disintermediation of banks.
  • The Middle Market Customer. Hear from speakers from PNC, Webster Bank, and Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) on meeting the new needs of the middle market customer. While large corporate clients are often less dependent on their banks, middle market customers often rely on a strong partnership with their financial institution. For banks, meeting the evolving needs of middle market customers translates to important revenue streams and provides ideal customers for various products and services. Learn from Aite-Novarica Group analysts, guest speakers, and industry colleagues about leveraging technology to attract and retain middle market customers.  
  • New Financial Technologies. It’s a challenge to keep up with the seemingly endless stream of new technologies impacting the financial sector, and even more challenging to separate critical advances in technology that are here to stay versus overly hyped products that are supposedly going to revolutionize the industry. Enjoy this interactive panel with analysts, peers, and guest speakers from Texas Security Bank and Mastercard on the latest in tech, including cryptocurrency and NFTs, Web 3.0, quantum computing, DeFi, AI and machine learning, along with strategies banks can employ to prepare for future technologies.  
  • APIs, Open Banking, and Virtual Accounts. The use of APIs and data sharing between businesses, financial institutions, and vendors has rapidly accelerated the trend toward open banking. Virtual accounts have recently become an important component of an open banking ecosystem, whereby multibank virtual account management solutions mirror account information across financial institutions. With representatives from Fifth Third Bank, Bank of America, and Dragonfly Financial Technologies, join this panel to learn more about recent trends in open banking, APIs, and administering virtual accounts between banking channels.
  • Onboarding. Most financial institutions have struggled to improve the customer experience of onboarding, both within treasury and credit processes. Beyond dissatisfied clients, problems with onboarding can lead to critical missed business and revenue opportunities. Aite-Novarica Group and guest speakers from Comerica, Able, and BOK Financial will discuss existing strategies to improve the onboarding experience for customers.  

Beyond engaging with some of the leading topics in commercial banking and payments, senior executives in banking and financial services attending this forum can expect to learn from industry experts and colleagues across the financial sector, enjoy networking opportunities, and discuss cutting-edge technologies through sponsor showcases. We look forward to seeing you in October.

To learn more about the Fifth Annual Innovation in Cash Management & Payments Forum, please reach out to us at [email protected] or [email protected].