Commercial Banking Top Trends 2022


Technology is changing more rapidly than most commercial banking and payments institutions can absorb. More and more non-FI providers are emerging to address the rising demand for automation and autonomy in banking services where FIs may be lacking. The dynamic this creates is one of an evolving ecosystem in which no single partner or provider is meeting all the treasury, lending, and technology needs of businesses. In turn, businesses are becoming better educated and more savvy about their market options.

Commercial Banking Top Trends 2022

It is difficult for businesses to depend on one source for financial services and capabilities; many are open to partnering directly with fintechs. FIs are are also expanding their partnerships to bring solutions to market more quickly and enhance current capabilities. This dynamic is creating blurred lines across the ecosystem and a market ripe for innovation and disruption.

With this push toward innovation and technological advancement in mind, Aite-Novarica Group sees several key trends on the horizon for the commercial banking and payments industry in 2022. A few of these are:

  • Fintech firms are likely to disintermediate banks. Customers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of looking outside of their banks to get top capabilities. FIs hoping to offset this trend should invest in innovation and look to partner with fintech companies.
  • Cryptocurrency’s popularity is increasing. With growing interest in cryptocurrency around the globe, banks are likely to use it as a tool for branching out into the trade and supply chain finance business. Commercial customers are seeking guidance in this area from their banking partners.
  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) cannot be ignored. Banks of all sizes need to pay attention to ESG. While it’s a key topic in 2022, the industry has not yet generated best practices for it. Commercial lending and AI’s traceability will most likely emerge as near-term areas of interest.
  • APIs are more important than ever. Commercial banks are prioritizing direct engagement with corporate clients by developing APIs for B2B operations. APIs help banks strategically allow corporate clients to program their own experience and create value for their own customers.

Other areas like M&A activity, regulatory changes, and connected banks will also be affecting this space in 2022. To learn more about the key trends Aite-Novarica Group has our eyes on for the commercial banking and payments market this year, register for our upcoming webinar Top 10 Trends in Commercial Banking & Payments, 2022: Blurring Lines Across the Ecosystem.

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