You Won’t Lose Your Job to AI. You’ll Lose Your Job to Someone Using AI

The threat of AI taking insurance jobs is overblown.

The threat of AI taking insurance jobs is overblown. 

Yes, AI will transform the insurance sector. But the biggest disruption will come from how people leverage AI to become far more productive. The insurance professionals who embrace AI as a tool, especially generative AI, will thrive – even without waiting for their company to act. 

Generative AI refers to models that can produce novel content, predictions, and recommendations. Unlike narrow AI designed for specific tasks, generative models can apply learning across domains. Leading generative AI techniques include image, video, text and data generation. 

AI alone still cannot replace most jobs. While generative models are rapidly advancing, general artificial intelligence comparable to flexible human-level reasoning does not exist yet. We remain years away from AI that can fully replicate human cognition and consciousness.    

However, generative AI is increasingly amplifying human capabilities. Rather than directly replacing jobs, AI is empowering people to work faster with higher quality. For example, generative AI tools can help developers draft requirements, code, test and document their applications. Generative writing assistants assist underwriters in summarizing complex submissions and assist agents with marketing copy. Numerous use cases exist though many are beyond the reach of a casual user and require greater expertise and investment. 

Companies investing first in providing tools and upskilling for AI will have a competitive advantage. However, proactive individuals getting a head start with AI can outpace their employer’s training. People proficient in generative AI can become power users compared to peers only comfortable with traditional software.   

You don’t need management approval to augment your unique strengths with AI. Start exploring generative tools offering free trials and take online courses to guide your upskilling. As you become adept at using AI to work smarter, you’ll accomplish more than your job description requires and stand out from the competition. 

So while AI itself does not pose an immediate threat to take jobs at scale, people applying AI creatively surely will displace the skills of individuals who refuse to adapt. Your job security depends less on advances in artificial intelligence and almost entirely on your willingness to make AI part of your personal toolkit.