Which Are the Top Cyber Range Solutions?

Key findings from recently published report, Datos Insights Matrix: Cyber Range Solutions.

Datos Insights recently published its Datos Insights Matrix: Cyber Range Solutions report, an in-depth analysis and voice-of-the-customer survey of six cyber range solutions and their customers that represent 25,000 organizations, institutions, and individuals worldwide use.

The report’s key findings include the following: 

  • Cyber range solutions provide an effective method of upskilling cybersecurity personnel: Classroom training is limited in teaching critical cybersecurity defensive techniques. Adding the gamification elements that cyber ranges offer increases knowledge retention, builds reactive event muscle memory, and provides necessary realism training through live-fire ranges.  
  • Cyber ranges are changing the landscape of cybersecurity education: Certification courses have limitations in practically applying curricula. Cyber ranges offer real-life exercise training with a virtually limitless array of attack defense and proof of concept scenarios. Cyber ranges push past the theoretical to the practical.  
  • Cyber ranges available for all sized organizations and budgets: The cyber range market offers 58 providers ranging from large in-house platform deployments to cloud service models.  
  • Cyber ranges rapidly evolve: First-generation cyber ranges were mostly cybersecurity labs that teach through step-by-step instructions. Users no longer want that experience; they desire the gamified versions where they solve challenges and have a hacker’s point of view.  
  • Cyber ranges improve first responder effectiveness: Cyber range training improves memory retention by 75%, compared to 5% through traditional learning methods. 

Participants of this report represent startup and scaleup vendors that subjected their cyber range platforms to 200 points of company and product evaluation scrutiny. This report is a buyer’s guide for organizations seeking a cyber range solution. 

The six vendors scored in the report include: 

  • Aries Security 
  • ATCorp 
  • Cloud Range 
  • Field Effect 
  • Security Innovation 

These vendors represent 10% of the known commercial cyber range solution providers. 

The difference between last place and first place was 12%, with the average score reaching 86%. Two vendors—Cloud Range and CYBER RANGES—achieved best-in-class. However, all participating vendors offer strong cyber range solutions.  

Final Thoughts

To learn more about the cyber range market, check out my report Cyber Range Solutions: Market Landscape, February 2024. I would love to hear how you have leveraged cyber ranges to improve training; drop me a line here to share your thoughts. If you want to keep up with my blogs on related IT security issues, go here