Introducing Datos Insights

As CEO, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Datos Insights—a new brand that showcases our continued commitment to our clients.

As CEO, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Datos Insights—a new brand that showcases our continued commitment to delivering even more value to our global client base within the financial services, insurance, and retail technology ecosystems.

When we merged Aite Group and Novarica in 2021, our team (and sometimes our clients) joked that we were bringing together two great companies whose names nobody could pronounce. We simplified it for them by adding a hyphen and calling ourselves Aite-Novarica Group.

With the addition of RBR’s data services to our suite of offerings in 2022, we realized that the time had come to usher in a new brand identity. Plus, we’ve run out of budget for hyphens, especially with the cost of inflation!

The Datos Insights Promise

We’re proud to have built a unified organization out of three industry-focused information services firms with long histories of supporting clients through real-time industry insights; experience-fueled advisory and custom consulting projects; and rich, detailed data sets and benchmarking reports.

Our new name showcases our teams’ greatest strengths and the unique value we deliver to our clients.

Datos, of course, connotes data. All of our teams have provided proprietary data to their clients in the past, but working together we have more unique analytics to offer, and we’re excited to expand these capabilities across the board.

Insights are more than just raw research findings or consulting sound bites—they are pieces of valuable, expertly analyzed information curated by us because we think that you and your team can use them to improve your strategic choices, business performance, technology decisions, and customer relationships.  

Improved Functionality and Service

So what can you and your team expect from our new vision and combination? We’ve gone beyond just a an easier-to-pronounce name. You’ll notice user improvements, too.

For example, our new website has improved search capabilities, and you’ll find yourself better able to understand which of our advisors serve your specific market and what they’ve published recently. We’ve also opened access to our website, reports, and webinars to our clients’ full employee base so that you can share information with your internal business partners and get even more value.

I hope you love our new brand experience as much as we do. We look forward to adding even more enhancements and continuing to refine the services we provide. To learn more about the additional changes you can look forward to from Datos Insights, you can read the full press release here. Have questions? Our team would love to hear from you here.