From Lady Gaga to Password Secrets

Uno, a password management startup based in San Francisco, has been acquired by Okta.

The cybersecurity industry is nothing less than intriguing. Case in point: Parteek Saran, founder of Uno and former collaborator on ARTPOP, an iOS and Android app created for Lady Gaga’s third studio album, agreed to sell his password management startup Uno to Okta. Saran founded Uno (WithUno, Inc.) in 2021, shortly after leaving Google as a designer. With 28 employees based in San Francisco, Uno raised US$3 million in Seed funding from lead investor Andreessen Horwitz. The acquisition announced on October 4, 2023, for this design-centric password manager did not disclose the purchase amount.

Okta made a wise investment in adding Uno’s design-centric password manager Peek-a-boo to its portfolio to help users with one-click login, social password recovery through trusted contacts, customized and easy password sharing, and a secure vault to store private keys, credit card details and addresses. Parteek started Uno in the aftermath of his email being hacked.

Okta, founded in 2009, is a public (NASDAQ: OKTA) US$1.3 billion company based in San Francisco, California, with 6,000 employees. Uno’s Peek-a-boo product should experience substantial growth among Okta’s 18,000 customers. This acquisition has much to like, especially considering Okta’s design of consumer-first solutions such as Okta Personal. This acquisition loudly announces Okta’s intention to enter the consumer market in a big way.

Uno’s technology and development team will advance the development of Okta’s free password manager that allows users to securely store, save, and autofill passwords for all their personal apps across multiple devices. On the Okta side, Okta Personal allows consumers to generate strong, unique passwords for all their apps in one place and streamline the login process by auto-filling credentials in both apps and browsers.

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