Top 10 Trends

Each year, Datos Insights’s research practices identify 10 key topics shaping their industry. These trends forecast areas of opportunity, challenges to be aware of, and technologies to keep up with to stay competitive. Click on the practice you’re interested in below to register for the team’s webinar, dive into all 10 trends in their report, or view a summary of top trends in their blog.

Top 10 Trends Research

Top 10 Trends in Property & Casualty, 2023: Turning Disruption Into Opportunities

New technologies will become a crucial element of an insurer’s ability to stay ahead of future disruption and changing market conditions.

Top 10 Trends in Life, Annuities, & Benefits, 2023: Preparing for a Dynamic and Variable New Reality

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the life insurance industry has continued to undergo significant changes.

Top 10 Trends in Cybersecurity, 2023: A Sea of Change for the Industry

The business of protecting information and assets must continue.

Top 10 Trends in Fraud & AML, 2023: Taking on Today’s Challenges for a Secure Tomorrow

Financial crimes leaders are ratcheting up investments in innovation, automation, and data to tackle a growing confluence of emerging challenges and accelerated risks going into 2023.

Top 10 Trends in Capital Markets, 2023: Aligning Business, Technology, and Operating Models to Compete in an Evolving Landscape

2023 is the time to revisit core business and operating models.

Top 10 Trends in Wealth Management, 2023: The Juice Is Worth the Squeeze

Despite many challenges, and often as a result of them, there are abundant opportunities for the wealth management industry to drive change.

Top 10 Trends in Customer Experience, 2023: Synthesizing Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Expectations

Customer experience in 2023 will be an interesting blend of innovation, tradition, and a new synthesis of pandemic and post-pandemic contexts.

Top 10 Trends in Retail Banking & Payments, 2023: Balancing Stability and Growth Amid Economic Volatility

FIs are pressured to balance stability while keeping growth in mind in 2023.

Top 10 Trends in Commercial Banking & Payments, 2023: Moving Toward a Period of Growth and Connection

The return on investment of new and better solutions is not instant, creating challenges in this environment.

Top 10 Trends in Healthcare Payments, 2023: APIs and Automated Enrollments Gain Traction

Claims adjudication and processing are more streamlined than ever through automation efforts.