Kurt Reisenberg

Chief Executive Officer

Kurt Reisenberg is Datos Insights's CEO. He began his career as a research analyst in financial services and is excited to be serving this fast-paced and ever-changing sector again. Prior to joining Datos Insights, Kurt spent 23 years with Corporate Executive Board (CEB), helping to grow the firm from roughly US$15 million in revenue when he started to nearly US$1 billion when it was acquired by Gartner. He spent his first nine years at CEB in their Financial Services practice, authoring over 50 major strategy studies on wealth management, insurance, and retirement services, and advising senior financial services executives in over 20 countries.  In ensuing years, he led various other functional practice areas at CEB, such as Finance, Legal & Compliance, Risk Management, and Strategy.  He became the Chief Commercial Officer of CEB in 2015. After Gartner acquired CEB in 2017, he oversaw sales for the firm’s Human Resources, Finance, Audit & Risk, and Legal & Compliance practices as SVP, Global Business Sales. In 2019 he began working with Pamlico Capital as President of Winsight Media, later establishing the Datos Acquisitions search fund with Pamlico that acquired and merged Aite Group and Novarica, Inc. Kurt holds an A.B., honors, from Brown University.